1916: Roger Casement



In August of 1916, Roger Casement was executed for his role in the Easter Rising in Ireland. Before his trial, however, the British government leaked documents to the press and politicians. These were identified as Casement's diaries and ledgers, which chronicled a series of homosexual encounters. Though many immediately denounced the Black Diaries as forgeries, asserting that the British government was trying to tarnish the name of a hero to circumvent public outcry against his execution - which, certainly, the British government was seeking to do - the damage was resounding. The question of forged or not forged has been asked again and again for decades. Why? Because, for many decades after his death, Roger Casement it was assumed by the Irish public and Casement's friends that he could not be both homosexual and a nationalist. Dan and Averill return to the question of Irish identity in this special episode for the 1916 Easter Rising centenary, contemplating who counts, who doesn't, and why.