Farewell Episode



It is with great sadness and equally great excitement that we release this episode - our reflection on two years of History Buffing. In the fall, the show will be rebranded as Dig: A History Podcast, as a few of our founding members are putting podcasting into the backseat of their lives as they pursue careers and degrees, and Averill, Marissa, Elizabeth, and Sarah embark on a new iteration of what you've come to expect from the History Buffs.

 Thank you, dear listeners, for journeying with us. Check back this summer for a few remastered episodes, and then tune in and subscribe to Dig in September!

As always, you can keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

We apologize for the sound quality here - we aren't used to recording with five people at once - and promise that the fall launch of Dig will be more like the superior quality we've achieved in recent months.